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JIO 5g smartphone and 5g details

In world the biggest hype in telecom industry is 5g network in us there is already AT&T stared 5GE (which is fake 5G or 4G+) but in India jio will might be one of the first to unveil 5g network. That is rumoured that jio 5g will become main stream in mid-2020. But what about 5G compatible smartphone without 5G smartphone we can’t run 5G network and also what will happen with jio 5g smartphone we will talk about that in this article.

To use 5G internet we have to have 5G compatible smartphone but which smartphone will are compatible with 5G network

What will 5G Bring to table

When jio 5g network will come it will have download speed up-to 1Gbps and download and about 50Mbps of upload speed (Depends on your device and network reception). In that speed you can stream NETFLIX in 4k without stopping for buffering. In lab condition 5G smartphone is lots faster than 4G but in real condition it will faster approx. 15% to 20% than Regular 4G network  Also jio 5g will have lower latency (ping) which is good for online gamers and latency depending task such as share market and banking.

JIO 5G Smartphone

Qualcomm, Intel and Huawei are main leaders in modem industry. Because of this modems we can run jio 5g network in smartphone. So what are jio 5g smartphone which are compatible with high bandwidth network? Here I have listed some devices which will be or are compatible with jio5g network.

samsung galaxys10 5G with samsung personal wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5g phone with gradient background and red wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Huawei Mate X 5g phone is half folded in air

Huawei Mate X

person holding Xiaomi 5G MI MIX 3 5g with slider open

Xiaomi 5G MI MIX 3

LG V50 ThinQ 5G black smartphone with golden accsent

LG V50 ThinQ

Motorola Z3 with 5G with moto mod red backgroun black phone and mod

Motorola Z3 with 5G moto mod

 These were jio 5G smartphone which can compatible with jio’s 5G network. But what about upcoming smartphone which are ramrod that will are compatible with jio 5G smartphone.



OPPO’s 5G flagship phone

Honor V30

Sony Xperia 2

IPhone 2019

Redmi note 8

MI 10

Mi MIX 4

These were new phone which will run jio5g but what about old 4G phone? It won’t run 5g? it will not run jio 5G but it will have  faster data speeds and low latency then today’s 4G network

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