Jio 5G upcoming all Details

Learn about newly rolling jio 5g and what will be new price also some details about how to get new 5g connection and how it will perform in real world

How jio 5g network will perform

India’s biggest Telecom service provider with huge successful launch of 4G network now planning to launch 5G network after 6 month of allocation of spectrum. Which could take up to mid-2020. Indian government said 5G wold be 50-60 times faster then and also it will have lower ping in best condition it could be have ping of 20 to 30ms which is best  for online gaming and in bank where low latency net is required.

Jio5g is working with Israel’s broadband internet provider Airspan for upcoming 5G network also jio made infrastructure for new network which is capable of  350 Terabytes of data and 5million VoLTE calls at instance.

Jio has been industry leading  in the telecom industry, The other rival network operators are already facing a tough time dealing with the heavily reduced tariffs and if the company pioneers 5G in the country. The latest entrant in the telecom sector set new records when it acquired 100 million LTE subscribers in just 170 days.

When will we get jio 5g network

TRAI also announces frequency of 3300MHz -3600MHz for auctioning for 5G service start of 2020.which will be auction in start of 2020.

jio 5g what will be going to be in future

But even if we will have jio 5G service we can’t use it often because we still don’t have lots of 5G phones to start using 5G network also jio is planning for launching new jio phone capable of using 5G network it will have low power uses and a big touch screen also it is roomers price in sub 10k range which is best for Indian market where people wants cheap and functional phones.

Since jio launch 4G in India at very low price we have to see what will price be of 5G data. Also what 5G network will work in 4G smartphone and it will give 4G speed or more than 4G phone